Baleadas: A Favorite Honduran Street Food

Neither a burrito, nor a taco, Baleadas are just Honduras’ most beloved street food. Making Baleadeas is as ‘Catracho’ (colloquial term Honduran natives are known as) as it gets! If you have not tried Baleadas, you have no idea what you’ve been missing! Baleadas are perfect as a hearty breakfast […]

Camote con Huevos (Sweet Potatoes and Eggs)

Camote, yams and batatas are just some the hundreds of tuberous vegetables species there are. And fall is a great time to enjoy sweet potatoes. This recipe is an excellent substitute for regular potato hash. Served with eggs and topped with some Tabasco sauce, this camote dish is healthy nutrient-dense […]

Habichuelas con Huevo (Honduran-Style Green Beans with Eggs)

Hondurans love green beans with eggs! This combination is truly delicious and very nutritious. The green beans are low in calories, high in fiber and potassium, and there’s very little sodium. This is great for everyone, but especially for individuals suffering from high blood pressure. So, imagine the nutrition punch […]