Main Entrees

Cream of Malanga with Coconut Milk and Mushrooms

Cooler weather calls for warm and filling soup! This cream of malanga perfectly hits the spot. Malanga is a starchy root vegetable widely used in the Caribbean, Central America as well as many south Asian cuisine. This recipe requires only a few ingredients for a delightful and satisfying meal. Ingredients: […]

Salpicón de Res (Honduran Chopped Beef)

Beef Salpicón is a traditional Honduran dish that is both delicious and very easy to make. Given that the recipe doesn’t require any additional fats or oils, the dish is low in fat — although not necessarily low in calories — compared to similar dishes containing meat. Make salpicón in […]

Quinoa and Calamari Salad

Quinoa is one of my favorite foods to eat! You can make savory and sweet dishes using quinoa. This seed is less starchy than rice or wheat, which makes it a great choice for people watching the quality/quantity of carbs they eat. It is an excellent source of plant-based protein […]

Quesadillas de Huitlacoche

Don’t be intimidated by the appearance of huitlacoche! Also known as corn mushroom, corn smut or Mexican truffle, huitlacoche is a fungus that grows on corn. At first sight, it may not look appealing to eat even the adventurous foodie. Its earthy flavor and mushroom-like texture, however, more than make […]

Pacayas con Huevo (Guatemalan Palm Flower Fritters)

Pacayas are the flowers of date palms that grow commonly in Guatemala and Salvador, and as an abundant food source are commonly used in the cuisine of these Central American countries. (An interesting side note: Pacaya also happens to be the name of Guatemala’s largest volcano, which erupted last in […]

Christmas Pork Roast

This pork roast will surprise and delight your family and friends. This recipe is not only delicious and super easy to make, but you can also use the leftover meat for sandwiches!