Main Entrees

Marmahón con Pollo (Honduran Couscous With Chicken)

Marmahón con Pollo is a dish representative of the culinary influence that immigrants of Arab descent have had on Central American countries, including Honduras. Much like tacos in the U.S., dishes such as these have become part of the cuisine of this region. Marmahón —­ similar but not equivalent to […]

Pupusas de Chicharrón (Salvadoran Pork-Stuffed Masa Cakes)

Chicharrón pupusas are one of the most beloved foods in El Salvador, but making them from scratch can be a challenge. Fortunately, we’ve got instant corn masa! Salvadorans take so much pride in their national dish, and for good reason: Pupusas are not only scrumptious, but also very versatile. Traditionally […]

Sopa de Frijoles Hondureña (Slow Cooker Honduran Bean Soup)

Sopa de frijoles is a staple in all Honduran homes! This delicious and nutritious bean soup is very inexpensive to make and incredibly versatile. Dry beans are an affordable source of vegetable protein, dietary fiber, iron and healthy complex carbohydrates. If you’ve never tried frijoles de seda (Spanish for “silk […]

Shrimp and Mandarin Orange Ceviche

Ceviche! Everyone craves a delicious ceviche this time of year, a cool, light appetizer (or main course) for the summer heat. A wonderful way to satiate those cravings is with a yummy and easy-to-make shrimp ceviche.

Habichuelas con Huevo (Honduran-Style Green Beans with Eggs)

Hondurans love green beans with eggs! This combination is truly delicious and very nutritious. The green beans are low in calories, high in fiber and potassium, and there’s very little sodium. This is great for everyone, but especially for individuals suffering from high blood pressure. So, imagine the nutrition punch […]

Chicken and Mango Kabobs

This is an easy, practical and delicious recipe. Given that it uses skinless chicken breast and not beef, this recipe can be an alternative to traditional beef kabobs that is lower in calories but full of flavor. The fruit gives it that hint of sweetness that makes so appetizing.