Month: July 2019

Tapado Costeño: Honduran Seafood and Coconut Milk Soup

Tapado Costeño Hondureño is so representative of the Honduran cuisine. This rich soup uses a variety of seafood, more preferably, conch, but any white fish will do. Freshly pressed coconut milk gives the best flavor. Canned coconut milk is a good substitute, especially given that fresh coconut milk may be […]

Quesadillas de Huitlacoche

Don’t be intimidated by the appearance of huitlacoche! Also known as corn mushroom, corn smut or Mexican truffle, huitlacoche is a fungus that grows on corn. At first sight, it may not look appealing to eat even the adventurous foodie. Its earthy flavor and mushroom-like texture, however, more than make […]

Sopa de Frijoles Hondureña (Slow Cooker Honduran Bean Soup)

Sopa de frijoles is a staple in all Honduran homes! This delicious and nutritious bean soup is very inexpensive to make and incredibly versatile. Dry beans are an affordable source of vegetable protein, dietary fiber, iron and healthy complex carbohydrates. If you’ve never tried frijoles de seda (Spanish for “silk […]

Naranjilla (Lulo) Popsicles

Naranjilla is a staple fruit in Ecuador and Colombia, where is known as lulo. Its name can be misleading given that the fruit does not resemble the flavor or texture of naranja (Spanish for orange). The best way I can possibly describe the flavor of naranjilla would be a combination […]

Habichuelas con Dulce (Dominican Sweet Bean Dessert)

Never judge a recipe byits name alone! You never know what you might be missing! This is the case of the beloved Dominican dessert Habichuelas con Dulce. This delectable bean-based dessert is especially enjoyed during Holy Week. Its rich, creamy consistency pairs really nicely with starchy pieces of batata and […]

Plantain Baskets with Shrimp and Peanut-Coconut Sauce

The crunchiness of the plantains plus the richness of the peanut sauce, combined with the delicate flavor and texture of shrimp, makes this dish a true taste experience. A lot of people with high cholesterol avoid eating shrimp as they do contain a good amount of cholesterol (about 180 mg […]

Shrimp and Mandarin Orange Ceviche

Ceviche! Everyone craves a delicious ceviche this time of year, a cool, light appetizer (or main course) for the summer heat. A wonderful way to satiate those cravings is with a yummy and easy-to-make shrimp ceviche.

Lower-Cal Pan de Elote (Cornbread)

Torta or pan de elote (cornbread) is a dense and moist type of sweet bread. It doesn’t have the texture of traditional cornbread. Traditionally, pan de elote is sweetened with condensed milk. In this recipe, I substituted condensed milk for low-fat evaporated milk, which by definition is not generally recommended. […]